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Version: 1.15


Playwright allows overriding various parameters of the device where the browser is running:

  • viewport size, device scale factor, touch support
  • locale, timezone
  • color scheme
  • geolocation

Most of these parameters are configured during the browser context construction, but some of them such as viewport size can be changed for individual pages.


Playwright comes with a registry of device parameters for selected mobile devices. It can be used to simulate browser behavior on a mobile device:

const { chromium, devices } = require('playwright');const browser = await chromium.launch();
const pixel2 = devices['Pixel 2'];const context = await browser.newContext({  ...pixel2,});

All pages created in the context above will share the same device parameters.

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User agent#

All pages created in the context above will share the user agent specified:

const context = await browser.newContext({  userAgent: 'My user agent'});

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Create a context with custom viewport size:

// Create context with given viewportconst context = await browser.newContext({  viewport: { width: 1280, height: 1024 }});
// Resize viewport for individual pageawait page.setViewportSize({ width: 1600, height: 1200 });
// Emulate high-DPIconst context = await browser.newContext({  viewport: { width: 2560, height: 1440 },  deviceScaleFactor: 2,});

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Locale & timezone#

// Emulate locale and timeconst context = await browser.newContext({  locale: 'de-DE',  timezoneId: 'Europe/Berlin',});

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Allow all pages in the context to show system notifications:

const context = await browser.newContext({  permissions: ['notifications'],});

Grant all pages in the existing context access to current location:

await context.grantPermissions(['geolocation']);

Grant notifications access from a specific domain:

await context.grantPermissions(['notifications'], {origin: ''} );

Revoke all permissions:

await context.clearPermissions();

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Create a context with "geolocation" permissions granted:

const context = await browser.newContext({  geolocation: { longitude: 48.858455, latitude: 2.294474 },  permissions: ['geolocation']});

Change the location later:

await context.setGeolocation({ longitude: 29.979097, latitude: 31.134256 });

Note you can only change geolocation for all pages in the context.

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Color scheme and media#

Create a context with dark or light mode. Pages created in this context will follow this color scheme preference.

// Create context with dark modeconst context = await browser.newContext({  colorScheme: 'dark' // or 'light'});
// Create page with dark modeconst page = await browser.newPage({  colorScheme: 'dark' // or 'light'});
// Change color scheme for the pageawait page.emulateMedia({ colorScheme: 'dark' });
// Change media for pageawait page.emulateMedia({ media: 'print' });

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