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Version: 1.15

Advanced: TypeScript

Manually compile tests with TypeScript#

Playwright Test supports TypeScript out of the box. We automatically transform TypeScript code to javascript to run it.

However if you find that the TypeScript code is not being transpiled correctly, you can perform your own TypeScript compilation before sending the tests to Playwright.

First I add a tsconfig.json file inside my tests directory.

{    "compilerOptions": {        "target": "ESNext",        "module": "commonjs",        "moduleResolution": "Node",        "sourceMap": true,        "outDir": "../tests-out",    }}

In my package.json, I have two scripts:

{  "scripts": {    "pretest": "tsc --incremental -p tests/tsconfig.json",    "test": "playwright test -c tests-out"  }}

The pretest script runs typescript on the tests. test will run the tests that have been generated to the tests-out directory. The -c argument configures the test runner to look for tests inside the tests-out directory.

Then npm run test will build the tests and run them.